List information

Submission Rules

PLEASE NOTE: These submission rules only apply to private server members. You cannot submit levels for the leaderboards as a free user.

Tiers Beginner through Gold do not require any video evidence to be accepted.
Amber tier and above must be recorded using the following guidelines:

2.2 FPS & Physics:

— you may use uncapped FPS
— physics bypass is not allowed

2.1 FPS & Physics:

— you are allowed to use a maximum of 360 FPS
— switching FPS during a completion to make the level easier is not allowed
— you can DM a reviewer/mod/list team member about switching FPS mid-completion as a bug-fix only


— the video recording must be clear enough to judge the legitimacy of your completion
— audible clicks are required for every level in Sapphire and above

Approved Hacks:

You may only use hacks that are approved by the GDDP list team — more information can be found here.

If you are using megahack, you must have cheat indicator on.


PLEASE NOTE: Private server members are not allowed to use any non-approved LDM or bug-fix for video required submissions.

If you need an LDM or bug-fix version of any level you can find them in the support server in the #ldms-and-bugfixes channel.
If a level has a NONG, you can find downloads in the #nong-song-downloads channel.

Other Notes

— Tiers may overlap in difficulty with the tier above and below. This is to ensure progression from tier to tier is smooth and does not require significant jumps in difficulty (e.g. Cat Planet at the top of Platinum).