List information

Submission Rules

PLEASE NOTE: These submission rules only apply to private server members. You cannot submit levels for the leaderboards as a free user.

Tiers Beginner through Gold do not require any video evidence to be accepted.
Amber tier and above must be recorded using the following guidelines:


— you are allowed to use a maximum of 360 FPS
— switching FPS during a completion to make the level easier is not allowed
— you can DM a reviewer/mod/list team member about switching FPS mid-completion as a bug-fix only


— the video recording must be clear enough to judge the legitimacy of your completion
— audible clicks are required for every level in Sapphire and above

Approved Hacks:

You may only use hacks that are approved by the GDDP list team — more information can be found here.


PLEASE NOTE: Private server members are not allowed to use any non-approved LDM or bug-fix for video required submissions.

If you need an LDM or bug-fix version of any level you can find them in the support server in the #ldms-and-bugfixes channel.
If a level has a NONG, you can find downloads in the #nong-song-downloads channel.