Welcome to the GDDP!

The GDDP is a project started by Trusta which aims to help YOU improve in Geometry Dash by ordering levels into different tiers by difficulty. Completing tiers from beginner to obsidian, you'll be able to slowly but steadily increase your ability in this game.

This website was started on Summer 2021 by hawkyre, with ElohmroW joining shortly after.

What are you waiting for? Create an account, link your Discord account and go have fun and discover everything this website has to offer!

Hey there! This website has taken a lot of time and effort, so please consider donating to support the GDDP website and any further updates.

Your donation will help cover the costs of maintaining the website as well as allow us to invest more time in developing new features for everyone! We would be incredibly grateful for it ❤️

Alternatively, you can become a GDDP supporter for instant access to the server and other cool benefits!

  • No more ads
  • 10 slots in favorites/loathe lists
  • Unique supporter badge on profile
  • Exclusive profile picture flair
  • Private server discord role and exclusive channel access
  • Priority leaderboard submission reviews
  • And much more to come!

All payments go towards funding the costs of running the website.

GDDP Twitch Streams

In order to appear here as a GDDP stream, you must have set your game to Geometry Dash and have [GDDP] as the first text on your stream's title.

If you're found using the GDDP tag while not primarily streaming the GDDP, you will be banned from the stream list.

There are no GDDP streams on Twitch right now. Check back later!

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